How will this benefit my workgroup?

  • There will be one hour of interactive, thought provoking puzzles that will provide excellent communication and leadership opportunities.
  • An inclusive experience that will improve motivation, teamwork and communication between the members of your business.
  • Provides a way for your team to work together towards a common objective and to take necessary risks without penalties for their decisions.
  • Improve cooperation in entertaining situations and environments, the best way to learn.
  • These activities help show the strengths and abilities of all involved, helping to recognize who is more creative, more inventive, more detail oriented and much more.
  • A new and exciting way to “break the ice” between teammates.
  • Great tool in establishing a good rapport between group members! Who will take the lead? Who will work best under pressure? Who is the most resourceful?

Can I book a time that works best for my group?

We are happy to arrange a time that will work best for you. Contact us for special pricing and times.

Do you have a conference room available?

Yes we do. Contact us for details.

How many people can you accommodate?

We have three rooms available that can hold up to 26 participants total. For larger groups we can easily arrange to run multiple rooms back to back. Contact us for details.


What they say about us!

Our event was an exercise in team building for our office and I could not recommend a better choice. We worked so great together and we made it out… we will be back!!

- Vanessa R.

We took our Girl Scout Troop here for part of a badge they are earning (aMaze). It really made our girls work together as a TEAM, which can be hard for 12 year olds!!

- Elizabeth A.

This was truly an awesome experience. Took my whole office here to get some team building in and it was the perfect environment. It really challenged as well as made us stronger! Highly recommend to everyone! I have been to quite a few in the inland empire and this is by far the best.

- Brenda B.

Came here after work with my co-workers and had a blast. puzzles were challenging and require team work. the experience definitely relies on the group and their communication. everyone contributed to something uniquely vital which made it that much more enjoyable.

- Dustin L.