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Find your way out using logic, creativity, and teamwork

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Trapped! Escape Room Los Angeles County

Near the 10, 210, and 57 freeways in San Dimas

All of our rooms are private!

You will never be joined by strangers.

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How does It work?

You and a group of your friends will begin your experience being locked in a room. You will then have only 60 minutes to search your surroundings, find the hidden clues and solve the puzzles in order to escape. Wits, imagination and teamwork are needed or you will be Trapped!

What is an Escape Room?

Real-life escape room adventures are a mix of physical and mental adventure games in the which people are placed in a situation where they need to interact with their environment in order to complete a series of puzzles, find the clues, achieve the goal before the time runs out.

Why choose Trapped! Escape Room San Dimas?
  • Fully Immersive Experience
  • Creative and Technologically Advanced Puzzles
  • Intricate Set Design
  • Private Rooms
  • Family Owned

San Dimas Location

Trapped! Escape Room San Dimas
173 Village Ct, San Dimas, CA 91773
(626) 722-8281

All Ticket Prices

*Excluding special events. Recommended minimum age to participate is 12 years old. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult. Please contact us If you would like to arrange a private room.

Do You have What It Takes?

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Operation: X-13

3-8 Participants

You have discovered the enigmatic Cybortek corporation has been developing a formula (X-13) which will turn innocent test subjects into lethal killers. Can you sneak into their headquarters and steal the formula while there is still time?

Family Friendly
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Grandma’s Surprise

3 - 7 Participants

Today is your Grandmother’s 100th birthday! The whole family is getting together to pay her a surprise visit and throw her a party. However, Grandma doesn’t appear to be home. You and the others may just be the ones getting a surprise today!

Family Friendly
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Reviews & Photos

500+ 5 Star Reviews


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“A great escape room with insane production value. Some escape rooms are run for the money and some are run for the passion. Trapped is run because the owners and staff absolutely LOVE escape rooms and it shows. Every single room they have offered has been phenomenal.”

- Dr. H

“We love Trapped Escape rooms! Having done Down the Rabbit Hole in Upland, we wanted to check out their new site….easy to find, right off the 57 in the Lowes Shopping Center un San Dimas. Operation X-13 was challenging (especially for only 2 of us!) but a great story and very well done. Heading out to Trapped in Upland to do Sector X-13…part 2 of the story. Trapped rooms are in clean, safe locations, very well done, and have professional and friendly staff. You always have the room to your own party, so dont have to share with strangers. Cant wait for San Dimas to open its new room, Grandmas Surprise, in a few weeks! If you have have always wanted to try an escape room, once you try out Trapped…the experience it will spoil you!”

- Tim W.

“My buddies and I are quickly becoming connoisseurs of escape rooms. Our favorite room, hands down, is at Trapped in Upland–Sector 13. Now Trapped in San Dimas has opened up a prequel to Sector 13 called Operation: X-13. The Trapped in San Dimas room is pheonmenal! We loved it. We still call Sector 13 our favorite, but Operation: X-13 is a close second. Trapped in Upland has been one of the my favorite escape room experiences and Trapped in San Dimas lives up to my expectations. Trapped has scored again. If you’ve never done an escape room or you’ve done a bunch, you will love Trapped San Dimas.”

- Galaxy C.

This escape room was one of my favorite ones my friends and I have done so far and we go all over Southern California. Room: Operation X-13 was an engaging room that really gave an immersive experience due to the creativity of the puzzles, and our game keeper Daphne who made the escape room so much better. Everything in the room was perfect in detail and there were puzzles we had to solve I have not seen elsewhere. Don’t want to spoil any of the puzzles but we did really love this room! Service: Our group could tell how passionate the team members here were about the rooms they had and it was unique to hear that all of the rooms they have are connected to each other like a story line! If we’re in the area again we’d definitely try the others. Parking: Parking was super easy to find and plenty of space available. As someone who’s been to escape rooms in LA this really is important since being late can really cut off from your experience and be a Debbie downer if it’s because of parking. Overall I’d highly recommend trying this room before doing the sequel to the room which is located in their Upland location.

- Emily N.

Our Story

Trapped! Escape Room San Dimas is one of the best escape rooms in all of Los Angeles County. We have been in the escape game industry since 2015 and have just recently expanded to San Dimas. This location is better suited for our customers living in LA, Pomona, and West Covina. If you’d like to learn more about the experience we provide, check out our individual room pages for more information. Let us know if you have any questions before booking, we’d be happy to help!