Operation: X-13

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Operation X-13 Reviews

Had a great time doing the new Operation X-13 Escape Room.  The room had several puzzles which required us to leverage the talents of everyone in the room. We were a party of three and barely escaped but talked about it all the time at home.  Nice to have rooms that are family friendly. Extremely nice to have a room that builds upon itself.

- Shawn S.

X-13 had thought-out set design, and was a fully immersive game through the gamemaster participation and types of puzzles. Hints were clever and appropriate, not just giveaways. Puzzles made clever use of many kinds of technology, some of which I’ve never before seen in escape rooms. Our gamemaster Daphne was great, and integral to our success.

- Chris A.

Loved this escape room! This would be my 15th one. It was very immersive and the room had enough puzzles that kept 3 of us busy the whole time! What I liked most about this compared to other escape rooms was that the story really matched what we were doing–it didn’t seem forced. Plus, they had a very immersive way of providing clues! Loved it! Can’t wait to go again. 🙂

- Kim P.

This escape room was one of my favorite ones my friends and I have done so far and we go all over Southern California. Operation X-13 was an engaging room that really gave an immersive experience due to the creativity of the puzzles, and our game keeper. Everything in the room was perfect in detail and there were puzzles we had to solve I have not seen elsewhere. Overall I’d highly recommend trying this room before doing the sequel to the room which is located in their Upland location.

- Emily N.

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